Our Classes

Group class timetable
Yoga Level 1 Thursdays 7.45pm
    Tuesdays 7.45pm
  Level 2/3 Wednesdays 6.30pm
Meditation & Philosophy   Thursdays 6.15pm
Core Strength All Levels - Tuesdays 6.30pm
Pregnancy Yoga Mixed Levels
Lunchbreak Yoga Level 1 Wednesdays 12.30pm

We run classes in 10-week terms all year round.

Individual and private group classes available by arrangement.

The yoga we practice is based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. We work dynamically moving from posture to posture in a sequential flow, incorporating strong breath and core strength.

In our meditation & philosophy class we begin with gentle asana (postures) that improve hip openness and spinal posture so as to enable us to remain in meditation for longer comfortably. We then study the sutras (yogic philosophical literature) and finish with seated meditation.

Core strength is vital for the health, mobility and support of the body. This class is inspired by some of the physical aspects of yoga. We work with the repetition of various postures in conjunction with the use of weights, resistance bands and gymnastic balls to build awareness and power in the abdominal muscles and protection for the spine.

In our pregnancy yoga class we focus on preparing the body-mind system for childbirth and beyond! We work safely into both challenging & gentle postures which increase pelvic & abdominal strength. We learn steadiness of the breath and we cultivate the awareness needed to be as present as possible during this important and beautiful chapter of female life. Students of all trimesters and levels are welcome.
(Subject to sufficient numbers booking)

Our lunchbreak yoga is tailor made mainly for folks working 9 to 5 in town with an interest in doing yoga, but who haven't got free time in the morning or evening for classes. Your hour of 'soul food' includes energising postures and techniques to beat the afternoon slump, this yoga will strengthen and tone your body improving fitness and posture. We finish each class with a short meditative relaxation to clear the mind and keep you focussed and alert. The time slot is organised so that there is time to get to and from the yoga house well within your lunck break, and also to give you some quality time with your sandwich afterwards!! All levels are welcome.